(Plan padrino in spanish) Sponsor plan for our social responsibility proposal

El Plan Padrino, nuestra propuesta de responsabilidad socialPlan Padrino sponsor plan is a solidary program at Clínica Las Vegas, started in 2001 when the Medical Direction of this institution was in charge of a surgical solution for a group of children who due to a lack of resources, their families were not included, and whose family had no money to cover the costs of said diagnosed surgeries.


We have an Interventional Cardiology Hemodynamics Unit

Contamos con una Unidad de Cardiología Intervencionista HemodinamiaOur Cardiology Unit is formed by a group of specialists who provide comprehensive healthcare to patients with cardiac and vascular pathologies. Furthermore, this unit has state-of-the-art technology and provides services based on Ethical humane scientific principles.