Guidelines For Patients And Visitors

* Admissions and Discharges

What to expect

To carry out entrance procedures, please go to our Admissions Area located in office 101 in Phase I; you must show your ID card, or if you are a minor your youth ID card or a copy of the minor’s birth certificate. Also, you must present a service order from the Health provider which referred the patient to our institution and a valid Insurance Company credential/card.

Patients admitted to our services as hospitalization Hemodynamics, Surgery, Emergency, and Intensive Care Unit, will be identified with a wrist band which they must wear during their stay at the Institution.

What to bring

  • Pajamas
  • Personal care products and cosmetics
  • Lists of all the medications you are currently taking (dose and frequency)
  • A small amount of cash for unforeseen expenses

What not to bring

  • Valuables
  • Large sums of money

Patient Discharges

A patient’s discharge must be authorized only and exclusively by patient’s attending physician.
The healthcare team in charge of your care must give you a document called “Discharge Plan” and they must explain to you the contents of the plan which refers to special care and treatment to be continued at home.


Our billing-service personnel shall call you on your room telephone to notify you when your bill is ready.
Your companion must ask for your bill at the Clinic Billing Office and then proceed to pay the bill at the hospital cashier’s located on the first floor, office 101.
Once the bill has been paid, they will give you a cashier’s receipt which you must show at the nurse’s station.

* Patients’ Rights and Duties

You have the right to:

a. Read or have someone read to you the documents with information and to have the same explained to you orally, in as much as you may require it.
b. Express all doubts regarding the information you have been given orally and/or in writing.
c. Receive a prompt reply to your doubts regarding aspects concerning your healthcare.
d. Waive the right to receive specific information regarding your healthcare.
e. Accept or reject advised healthcare, assuming the pertinent responsibility for such a decision.
f. Have your decision respected as long as it complies with some legal requirements.
g. Be treated with consideration and kindness.
h. Change your mind at any given moment before being treated assuming the consequences that decision may entail.
i. Have privacy and reserve regarding your intimate data except in special cases in accordance with the law.
j. Allow or not certain persons access (natural or legal) to personal reserved data normally included in your medical history.
k. Appoint one or several representatives to decide with you or for you.

You have the duty to:

a. You must provide true prompt personal information to the healthcare team which is going to treat you.
b. b. You must express if you have understood or not the information you were given. It is very difficult to know if you have understood the information if you do not say so. We fulfill our duty to inform you and you must state if you have understood or not so we may proceed to clear up doubts and concerns. If you do not speak up, we must assume you understood the information.
c. You must facilitate the implementation of all acts and procedures offered to you if you have voluntarily decided to undergo them.
d. If you have decided not to receive specific information regarding recommended healthcare but you wish to undergo a procedure, you must leave a statement certifying your decision, knowing that that attention may give you benefits, but also it may entail slight and big risks, including death.
e. You must read and fill out correctly all pertinent paperwork to leave a statement certifying the information you received and your decisions (by law they are addendums to your Clinical History).
f. You must treat the personnel taking care of you considerately and kindly.
g. You must not abuse of your rights at the cost of Clinica Las Vegas and/or third parties.
h. You must communicate Clinica Las Vegas promptly and in writing any decision change regarding your healthcare.
i. You must abide by all internal rules of Clinica Las Vegas in all matters concerning operation, coexistence and safety.

In case this patient is under age:

first, when a patient is underage, normally the patient’s parents, relatives or close friends who may represent the patient, receive information and decide. Nevertheless, if a patient in spite of being considered a minor and a patient’s health conditions, is capable of being deemed autonomous (depending on a patient’s degree of maturity, a patient’s ability to comprehend, and the complexity of the procedure, etc.), the minor’s right to get information and make a decision, and to reserve certain intimate data so that third parties (relatives, friends, others) may not have access to it. There are some legal norms which support these facts as Article 44 of our National Constitution. The Constitutional Court of Colombia has expressly acknowledged these rights in various sentences. Nonetheless, In these cases, it is recommendable for parents, guardians, relatives and close friends to receive information and help a patient decide, and then, they must fill out with the patient all required paperwork.

l. As a patient, you have other rights acknowledged in the Colombian legal system. If you have no knowledge of this, we have it at your disposal so that you may read your rights or have them read to you.

* Information for Visitors

Visiting Hours

1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Clinica Las Vegas’ Services

  • Hospital customer service office
    Located in the Plaza called Plazoleta in Phase II, Office 054. Dial 315 9000 Ext. 379.
  • Institutional Office
    Clinica Las Vegas’ Institutional office is located in the Plaza called Plazoleta in Phase II office 066.
    Marque 315 9000 Ext. 442, 371
  • Private Doctor’s Offices
    These offices are set out throughout the 5 floors in Phase I and Phase II. Each floor has a Doctor’s Directory found upon exiting the elevators.
  • Food Court
    The food court is on the Ground Floor or first floor of Phase I. Entrance is via the main door and to the right.

Food Options

  • Astoria Shop 121, Tel: 268 00 42
  • Bermoka Shop 118, Tel: 311 25 63
  • De Lolita Shop 111, Tel: 311 33 10
  • Santa Clara Shop 110, Tel: 513 34 42 Ext. 118
  • Dulcinea Shop 122, Tel: 311 75 10
  • Di Caffe Shop 123, Tel: 266 45 56

Also remember that Clinica Las Vegas is located in the city and there are various nearby places where patients and companions may find places to eat as: C.C Oviedo (mall), C.C Santa Fe (mall), C.C Monterrey (mall), mall de comidas rápidas de Las Vegas (fast food mall).

Spiritual Counseling

Clinica Las Vegas has a chaplain who offers users spiritual and religious accompaniment.
Furthermore, we have volunteers who make your stay at the institution pleasant keeping you company if you wish to have company.

Oratory Service (Chapel)

Clinica Las Vegas has an oratory space at your disposal 24 hours located at the Intensive Care Unit Service on the 6th floor and on the 4th floor for Hospitalization in Phase I.


Masses are held on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at11:00 a.m. at the oratory on the 4th floor in Phase 1.

Public Notary Services

If any of our patients requires public notary services while they are staying at Clinica Las Vegas, nursing personnel or Hospital customer service personnel will be in charge of contacting the following public notaries:

  • (public notary) Notaria 21: 260 47 97
  • (public notary) Notaria 22: 268 85 06 – 311 73 63

Hospital Orderlies

Contact any nursing post or the operator dialing Ext. 0, so that they may page an orderly for you.

ATM: Bancolombia and Servibanca

These banking machines are found on the ground floor in the Plaza called Plazoleta in Phase I.

Taxi Service

Clinica Las Vegas has an agreement with a taxi company called Asovegas, which is at the disposal of our users 24 hours a day. The taxi stand is located just outside the main gate.

Photocopy and Stationary Store

This store is found in the Plaza called Plazoleta in Phase I , shop 115 and on the ground floor in Phase II. Tel: 312 47 61.


Botica Junín Pharmacy is located in shop 109 in the Plaza called Plazoleta in Phase I
Telephones: 268 20 71 - 311 04 09


Located in shop 119 in the Plaza called Plazoleta in Phase I
Telephone: 266 71 35

Medical services provided by third parties

  • CARDIOESTUDIO Y ANGIOMEDICA, shop 356 Fase II, Tel: 4444941
    Non-invasive Cardiology Diagnostic Test Service
  • CENTRO DE VACUNACIÓN LAS VEGAS shop 218, Tel: 2660789
    Private Inoculation Center
  • CERO 70, shop 052 – 216 Phase II, Tel: 3120343
    Dental Diagnostic-Aids Service
  • INSTITUTO GASTROCLÍNICO shop 158 PhaseII, Tel: 4446600
    Specialized Center for Gastroenterology
  • GASTRO ESTUDIO shop 332, Tel: 2661000
  • INCARE shop 058 Phase II, Tel: 3119495
    External consultation services, invasive and non-invasive procedures for adult and pediatric cardiology, neurovascular and peripheral vascular.
  • MATIZ SALUD Y BELLEZA shop 325 Phase I, Tel: 4441197
    SBeauty and Esthetics Services
  • ORAL LASER: shop 119 Phase I, Tel: 4440840
    Dental Clinic which provides oral health services
  • ORVÉ: shop 116 Phase I, Tel: 4444517
    Specialized orthopedics and traumatology Services
  • TERAPIA RESPIRATORIA LAS VEGAS shop 164 Phase II, Tel: 2685596
    Evaluation, diagnostic, control, treatment and education for patients suffering from any type of respiratory problem.
  • NUTRICIÓN Y DIETÉTICA Shop 228 Phase I, Tel: 2660926
    Especialistas dedicadas a la evaluación, control y educación de pacientes en tratamientos de nutrición y dietética.

Location – Address– Map

Clinica Las Vegas has a strategic location in the exclusive sector of El Poblado, in the vicinity of a zone for banks, business, hotels, trade, and tourism.
Address: Calle 2 Sur No. 46-55, Medellin - Colombia

Ubicación Clínica Las Vegas

From our Airports

José María Córdova (International Airport)
Distance: 35.2 km from Clinica Las Vegas
Taxi ride lasts approximately 1 hour.

Olaya Herrera (Domestic Airport)
Distance: 6.2 KM
Taxi ride lasts approximately 20 Min.

Via Metro

Estación Poblado, Metro Station:
Distance 1.2 Km only 5 minutes away from the Clinic
If you wish, you may also reach the Clinic on foot; it is just a 10-minute walk.

Estación Aguacatala Metro Station:
Distance 1.9 Km, just 5 minutes from Clinica Las Vegas
If you wish, you may also reach the Clinic on foot; it is just a 10-minute walk.

By Bus

As a result of Clinica Las Vegas’ strategic location, you may take various integrated city bus routes to reach our clinic:
  • Bus fare is COL$1,900 - US$ 0.88
  • Circular Sur 302, 303
  • Sabaneta
  • Envigado
  • Rosellón
  • Señorial

Parking Lots and where to pay for parking

On calle 2 Sur, you will find a parking lot, which has its own cash point.
In basement 1 (sotano1) of Clinica Las Vegas, you and your companions may park your vehicle and you will find the corresponding cash point in the yard, called Plazoleta Phase I, going in to the right.

Emergency parking

La Clínica Las Vegas pone a disposición de los usuarios que ingresen al servicio de Urgencias un parqueadero exclusivo para este servicio, el cual tiene costo:

  • Hora: $3.200
  • 12 horas: $10.100
  • 24 horas: $17.600