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Clinica Las Vegas

With us, you are in the best hands ever, and 24 years of experience in providing services and high-complexity healthcare support us. Our main objective is to offer welfare, security human warmth and social corporate responsibility which may strengthen our customer/client and family We have been well-known in our sector for we have provided our patients the best surgical medical attention.

Our team includes prestigious professionals from all sciences and disciplines. Last generation technology and innovation in our procedures along with kindness and warmth in the care we provide are included in our letter of introduction. Our physical installations are located strategically in the best geographical zone in the city offering easy access from different zones in the south of the city via various transportation routes and nearby metro stations.

Quality Policies

It is Clinica Las Vegas’ policy to provide comprehensive efficient profitable high-complexity socially- responsible healthcare services. This is achieved via a competent humane team able to provide effective safe healthcare through the management of processes to generate our clients satisfaction and that of other parties concerned with the availability of competitive infrastructure and technology fulfilling all Social Security Healthcare System provisions, that allow the recognition positioning and competitiveness at national and international standards, always seeking continuous updating and upgrading.

Our values

  • Commitment
  • Service
  • Vocation
  • Respect
  • Ethics
  • Professionalism
  • Quality
  • Discipline
  • Solidarity
  • Honesty

Brief history In 1989, a project for a clinic and medical practices was finally consolidated, and three years later Clinica Las Vegas was already a reality.
Our Institution was created thanks to a dream of a group of health-care professionals decided on building a comprehensive institution with the best medical attention and with a firm intention to cross frontiers. With excellent technological quality and high-complexity healthcare, we have been expanding since then, aiming to satisfy all of our patients and visitors’ needs, and our pillar is prompt quality healthcare.

Currently, we have pleasant installations entirely endowed with medical, healthcare and administrative personnel who are reliable experts and humane, so that you may feel at home. A 20-year background reaffirms our commitment to medicine and science, and all of the above makes it possible for you and your family to be in the best hands ever.